We are getting up at 6h00 in the morning. Early morning kids wake up or at time willl be woken up by their parents to prepare for school. Before we put on our clothes, we will have to take a bath. Mostly it`s cold water, only if there is enough electricity at home to put up a pot with water on the stove. Most of our families don`t have the possibility to open the tab and to get water out of it.

The weather is freezing cold and some children can’t wait to get to school. First as they will be provided with a meal at school, because their parents can’t provide it at home. We don`t have heatings during the wintertime. You can imagine how cold one can get. So we put on our warmest clothes.


School starts as early as 7h30. One should rush to make sure that they take a walk together with the other kids to school. In the streets of Mondesa, you will also find parents walking their kids to school, their workplace is in the same direction as their kids school. Otherwise they will walk by themselves.
Most of the schools are about 15 to 20 minutes’ walk, so schools aren’t really far away from our home. We enjoy to chat and giggle a lotwith our peers.

There are many children without lunch boxes. The school provides a breakfast to them, a hot porridge to fill their stomach, before our classes starts.

These meals are provided by the school through fund Raising events, example they will have a BBQ, a sports day, reader thorn and many other activities that will enable them to save some funds for the morning meal.

The breakfast enables all the children to concentrate at school. After the breakfast we will attend the assembly, out in the cold. We sing songs and will be informed of the daily activity and all important informations by the principal at school. If parents aren`t able to take care of their children they sometimes wake up way too late and they skip school for that day.

After the assembly it’s time for class now. All the kids will have their back packs and standing in front of their classroom in a line. Then their teacher will then open the classroom. .We enter and stand behind our chairs. We will sing 2 or 3 songs, having a short prayer together before our class starts.Then our teacher will start the lesson and all we are listening and taking notes. For us it`s a privilege to go to school and get a solid education.


At 8h45 it’s time to rotate class . Our class has 45 students.

The lesson takes about 45 minutes. We are having Mathematics, Geography, Physical Science, Life Science, Social Religious ,Arts Class or Music Class, RME, Sports, English and ,Afrikaans class and even some indigenous languages ,for example Oshiwambo,Damara and Otjiherero.


It’s now 10h00,its break time, all the kids are out of class and playing ,running, playing football and other related games, other kids will try and shear their lunch box with the others, this is very nice to see and we shear with the ones that don’t have and its alleyways a good feeling.


It’s now 10h45 time for the next class, the teacher will start with the lessons continue with the procedures until 12h30, school is out. Time to walk home. Some of us will remain behind for afternoon classes, some will go home and wait for the parents to bring something to eat on the way back from their work.

It brings joy as you know that your mom will bring you and your sibblings something to eat. Can you imagine how sad it is, if one has to go home an there is nothing to eat? I know it`s hard to imagine.
To provide a meal for every student coming home after school is the goal for Renate Alexandra Epper and Nande Junias. They will step in with the School Project to assist children that won’t be able to have a meal once they get home.

The day is nearly over. Sunset over the roofs of the houses in Mondesa, lights are on, colourful streets of Mondesa, parents coming back from work, kids doing homework and getting their uniforms ready, parents will prepare dinner and prepare lunchbox for tomorrow, but that depends, if there is something at home like bread.