Empower The Children For Our Future

The foundation’s aim is to help uplift the living standards of children from different disadvantaged backgrounds through sports, education and nutrition from different schools in the Township of Mondesa. This project aims to bring people together, from all walks of the world, because it connects and touches deeply all our hearts.

Our Mission At The School Of Mondesa

Mondesa School and Community Foundation is a non-profit organization, designed to match community resources with the needs of public schools. The Foundation is dedicated to receive funding for programs through donations of stationery, clothes, uniforms and having fun games. The Schools Foundation solicits funds through grants and/or private sources. These grants supplement to the education of the young children with the basic needs of education through the schools district, providing the means for WIFI and schools, teachers to undertake special projects not supported by existing budgets and programs The name of the Mondesa School is Festus Gonteb Junior Primary School, which was founded in 1936. About 1000 students from age 6 to 16 years, that means from 1st to 7th grade. After the 7th grade, high school follows.

Some of these children are from disadvantage homes. Their parents do have employment, but as they are at work, there is no one to look after them when they come back from school. Often the fridge is empty, because they can’t afford food. Due to this and not being taken care of at home, leads to a poor performance at school. Some of the children don’t have uniforms although it’s a must and it’s compulsory for all children to have. Uniforms are worn when attending school at all times.​

Most of the schools depend on parents to raise funds, but some parents can’t as they are unemployed. Local organizations help to raise funds for the school too. But still it’s just for a short time as funds are insufficient. We introduced the kids of Mondesa School to Skype and communicate with the Primary School Horw, Lucerne in Switzerland. This brought a smile on the kids’ faces as it was a once in a life time experience to communicate with other kids abroad. We have a vast technology and funds are not enough for providing computers at schools.

Our Vision For The Community Of Mondesa

Our vision is to create life touching stories. We plan to organize and bring the women in the community together, to organize special ladies’ events and motivate them to start their own small business.

We plan to rent sewing machines to them, so they can start producing art works with their hands and build hope in their and their children’s life in Mondesa. Being a responsible parent and even being a role model in the community is another goal we have in mind. These grants supplement to help also working moms who need assistance and support their children after school until one of the parents is getting home.

The Foundation will also help teenage moms to finish school, besides taking care of their child.