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Nande Junia’s Explorer Tours​

Let us be your guide so you can be the explorer!

Our Cultural Township Tours are all about the people. To truly experience the warmth, friendliness and humanity of township residents of Mondesa, you have to walk its streets. Hear the children at play, smell the sidewalk barbecues, taste locally brewed beer, learn to say “Uharapo” and experience what is meant by “Ubuntu” Swakopmund Explorer Township Tours.

Our Aim Is To Provide Top Of The Class Memorable Local Township Tours. Explore different cultures and meet local people in the Community of Mondesa with your local, personal tour guide.

Get to know Namibia better, learn about the different tribes in Namibia from Ovambo, Damara, Herero and the Ovahimba people.

Nande is a local tour guide from the Township of Mondesa in Swakopmund, where he grew up. He started his career as a tour guide 15 years ago while still in school. He will enable you to explore the Township through his Guided Township Tour Experience.

You will get a unique chance to visit homes, try local traditional food at a family home and get a glimpse of the daily life in the township.​

Kindly note that all our tours includes, pick up and drop off in and around Swakopmund, our tours cater to all persons both young and old, always a fun and informative tour given by our professional guides. Prior booking is advised

For Bookings Call Nande Junias Explorer Tours
Website: www.nandejexplorertours.com Cell:+264 812134443 Cell:+264810456310

25% of your payments benefit the community, for the home visit and the Mondesa School project foundation

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