Welcome to Mondesa School and Community Foundation

Our mission

Empower children for our future
Mondesa School and Community Foundation is a non-profit-organization, designed to match community resources with the needs of the public school. The foundation is dedicated to receive funding for programs through donations. The donations will benefit fully to the children and the community. The foundation`s aim is to uplift the living standards of children from disadvantaged backgrounds through nutrition, education and sports from different schools in the Township of Mondesa.

Empower women to help and motivate them to start their own small business.
We plan to organize and bring the women in the community together through special ladies events. We will rent sewing machines to them, so they can start producing art works with their hands. This will build hope to their and their childrens life for a bright future.

Being a responsible parent
Being a responsible parent is another goal we have in mind. It`s so important that teenage moms can finish the school and during this time their child is taken well care of. If they are able to afford their own living expenses, only then they are able to care about their child. New role models are what the Township of Mondesa needs to provide the children for a safe and secure base at home.

Our values
To empower children for their future we believe that every child has the right of love, respect, nutrition and education. Due to the internet the world got small and connected. We believe that if you empower and motivate the people from the township, give them hope and let them participate, share and demand responsibility the future of the Township of Mondesa will be different.

Our story
Nande Junias and Renate Epper started out with this project to bring people from all walks of the world together and it connects and touches deeply all our hearts. Due to the fact that Nande Junias Explorer Tours is owned by Nande Junias and he makes his living out of the Explorer Tours and Nathalias Lifestyle Family Home Kitchen he is able to take care of the Mondesa School and Community Foundation as an honorary post and the donations benefit 100% to the Mondesa Foundation. The donators can be a real part of the different projects, which we are gonna set up. We grow slow, but steady.

Our slogan
“Our Product is King. What we do is done with Passion and Love!”

Our projects

• Christmasluch for elderly people
On December 25th we were able to offer a lunch for over 200 elderly people in the Luthern Church of Mondesa. Nathalias Lifestyle Family Home Kitchen cooked and delivered tasty homemade food.

• A warm meal a day
In February we started out with the project a “warm meal a day for every child in school”.

• Goods for Life
A container filled with goods for life will be sent at the end of May to Namibia.

• Coming up soon: Yoga4Mondesa
Yoga can be done everywhere in the township and it doesn‘t cost a lot of money. Yoga reduces kids aggressive behaviour, social withdrawl and hyperactivity. It benefits children to build up their concentration, increase their selfconfidence and it leads to teamminded classes and a more peaceful community.

Nande Junias

Nande is a local tour guide from the Township of Mondesa in Swakopmund, where he grew up. He started his career as a tour guide 15 years ago while still in school. He will enable you to explore the Township through his Guided Township Tour Experience.

You will get a unique chance to visit homes, try local traditional food at a family home and get a glimpse of the daily life in the township.​