2018 African Responsible Tourism Awards

We are very proud that Nande Junias Explorer Tours got announced April 9th 2018 as one of nine organizations from across Africa for the African responsible Award 2018!

The awards recognise African organisations that offer a shining example of how tourism can benefit the local people, the environment, and destinations.

The 2018 African Responsible Tourism Awards winners will be announced at a ceremony that will be held on Wednesday 18 April 2018 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The ceremony is part of the responsible tourism programme at WTM Africa, which takes place from 18 to 20 April 2018.

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Let us be your guide so you can be the explorer

Our Explorer Cultural Township Tours are all about the people. To truly experience the warmth, friendliness and humanity of township residents of Mondesa, you have to walk its streets. Hear the children at play, smell the sidewalk barbecues, taste locally brewed beer and local food learn to say “Uharapo” and experience what is meant by “Ubuntu”cheer with the locals and feel our hospitality Swakopmund Explorer Township Tours

  •   Had a blust today this is definatly a must do in swakopmund specifically Nande junias Explorer tours


      To make a tour of Mondesa with Nande is an outstanding experience. To join Nande and hear him guide you through his neighbourhood, meet people, visit schools, taste the food, see the markets and finally be treated with local delicacies in a private home is...More


      A tour you have to do in Swakopmund. I received so much cordiality and hospitality. Thanks a lot for this unforgettable day!

  •   You can visit Africa and see wonderful landscapes and wildlife and have a glorious experience, as we are doing. When we got to swakopmund, we thought we might do a tour of the 'Little Five': the lizards and snakes of the desert, but then we...More


      This tour is both historically fascinating (the townships were set up in apartheid times) and in terms of contemporary Namibia. Far from 'poverty tourism' Nande's trip gives you a real insight into the vibrancy of the townships around Swakopmund and the communities that live there....More


      Nande was warm, open and welcoming from start to finish. The tour is very personal, unique and unforgettable, from spending time with Opena learning about the Herera people, laughing with the children at Catriona's house at the children's community project, to being welcomed into Nande's...More

  •   An experience that you can’t understand until you don’t live it. Nande (our guide) came to our hotel and bring us to the township by is own. First we visited a topical market and than we reached a community center were we had the possibility...More


      You can't say that you've been in Namibia if you haven't visited a township. The tour lets you immerse yourself in this culture leaving you speechless. Unlike the mainstream tours where you only drive through the township without having contact with the people, in this...More


      The township tour we (family of 4) with Nande was one of the highlights of our Namibian holiday. Nande took us through the swakopmund township meanwhile giving lots of background information. Meeting and talking to the people of his neighbourhood is something you must not...More


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